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looks more like Hank Marvin to me....

Blood grooves on both sides, but those serrations just on one side. As ably demonstrated by those REME chaps.

I can imagine the horror when you realise it’s on upside down, and you’re about to be inspected by GSM LONDIST :)
Fullers, no such thing as blood grooves.
Looks like Biden sealed the deal by forgetting the Aussie PM's name

"That fella down under"

Actually, he’d forgotten to put his specs on and couldn’t read the teleprompter … perhaps.
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Unlikely to be the US for a couple reasons:

1. “Postman” is more of a historic term used here, they are more usually the “mailman”, or officially, “mail carrier”.
And as someone once pointed out, the US has a it's Postal Service while the UK has the Royal Mail, but the staff are called postmen in the UK and mailmen in the US.