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Oh, Op Olympic Ladies Beach Volleyball brings back nice thoughts from 2012.

And i still think G4S are cnuts even though I got to see the pretty ladies!
Wow! You lucky bugger. Mobilized to serve as crowd control because G4S wasn't fit for purpose. I would have been at the edge of the playing field so that I could get a good eye-full without straining my eyes.


A Parkin is a traditional ginger cake enjoyed by northern Brits since the 18th century but the ingredients used in the cake may have connections to colonialism and the slave trade.
But doesn't it taste better for all that?

Deleted 4482

I thought I had posted this linky before but a search on this thread reveals not …. so what ... below is an excellent 1hr long documentary about the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War covering actions at Isandlwana , Rorke’s Drift and other associated incidents .

Kenneth Griffith’s narration / oration are excellent as he launches into an infective enthusiasm as he relates the events . He knocks many modern documentary presenters into a cocked hat
After seeing on here I'm currently watching (more listening) on PC whilst I fart about with something else on laptop.

I can't remember the last time I listened to a documentary where the presenter had so much...gravitas.


A forensic examination of the whole anti-vaxxer fuckwits done by an extremely shouty Englishman? Ok...

Warning - may lead to an immediate need to turn Andrew Wakefield into a kebab. Or a gargling wheel-chair bound veggie. Either would do, to be honest.


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