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Sad news. The man who devised the M&S food ads has died… He will be cremated tomorrow in an applewood and mesquite fire with blistered marshmallows and charred Madagascan vanilla pods!
That's not just a cremation...

That's an M&S cremation...


I won't be getting much sleep tonight, it is the Festival of Sant Jordi and it's like fireworks night in Beirut until almost ******* sunup. At least it¡s a holiday tomorrow. I'm saving some particularly loud bangers to let off around midday when the miserable cnuts are just getting into sleeping off their hangovers ;) Funnily enough it is the anniversary of the Brexit vote and I got my residence card for Spain today, so some celebration due ! Not because I'm 'Spanish' but because it'll give me more mobility in Europe than my UK passport.
Something for the old salty sea dogs. Frigate 1973.. The Euro porn music as the Greyhound of the Seas plunges (fnar fnar) into the wet and welcoming waves is lush.

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