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That link sure looks tempting.

I'll click it just as soon as I pick up my new puppy and free candy.

You are John Wayne Gacy and I claim my $5.00.


I checked back and didnt see it, can you enlighten me oh keeper of the funnies. ;)
It was posted quite a while back, Mukker, but I remember finding it funny at the time.
Not as old as the seagull covered in curry though, that really is ancient.
And the one for little kids still in nappies.

Didya poo?


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Is that like deja moo?
The feeling you've heard that bullsh1t before.

I start all my training with that as the first slide after course title

Quote from the article...

The terrifying arachnid is seen looming over a crash scene that involved a car and a campervan this afternoon.
And you would think the police officers would soon be caught in its deadly web, as later pictures showed the spider hanging over a suspiciously quiet motorway.
But not everything is as it seems and this isn't really a Shelob-sized spider that has stepped out of The Lord of The Rings.