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An old mate, Dan, f^cked himself on LSD before he was 19. Bit of a veg at the best of times and has regular brain scans more than 30 years later. The public school twit.

A few people I knew back in my early 20's did similar and still aren't right now, not just LSD but DMT and salvia as well. Naughty stuff to get involved with, something I always stayed well clear of even during the few years I dabbled in the party drug scene.
Teeth are the most visible difference, but that gap is in the process of rectifying itself, as the "adult" teeth are seen to be growing-in.

But . . . the nose!! The structure has definitely changed with the passage of time, BEYOND what one might expect to be "normal" maturity/development ?!
… the nose appearance seems to happen to many of ‘em … vanity’s a b4stard, hey!
Reminds me of a story.

Guy gets pulled by a New York cop for not stopping. He replies

“But I slowed down officer”

“Yes sir but you didn’t stop”

“But I slowed right down!”

“Let me explain sir”

Cop takes out his night-stick and starts hitting the guy on the head.

“Now sir, do you want me to stop or slow down?”
Hmmm, stopping at a Stop sign, you say … one of my earliest encounters with road mentality in NooYawk, Larchmont to be precise, was when I did just that. And promptly got rear-ended by the following bint-of-size driving her 20-odd feet of sheer bad taste … upon remaining stopped and inspecting the damage, negligible fortunately, said b-o-s roundly abused me for causing her to have an accident, to wit, by stopping. My enquiry as to my interpretation of the sign’s intent elicited the comment “(expletive!) you aren’t from around here are you? We don’t stop for that sign …” The locally elected guardian of law’n’order’s idiot son ‘Parking Inspector’ who was standing idly adjacent suggested to me that not many drivers took much notice of the sign anyway, and I was lucky I’d been going slowly, causing her to do similar … before trying to push me thru’ the intersection. I still reckon we got the best deal out the American War of Independence causing Mother England to have to find somewhere else to send her detritus and adventurers …
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We had a guy do that on the Puma, as he touched down the gear started to collapse and he put the switch down as a reflex. He came clean as soon as he realised he’d fücked up.

Good drills. Shit dealing with someone you know cocked up but still pretends it just happened on its own. Turns a safety briefing into a cake and arse party that lasts months while futile checks are conducted.








A lad was attacked in an underpass in Bracknell a couple of weeks ago and later died of his injuries.

Thames Valley scuffers have released cctv images of three people they want to talk to.

How f@cking useless are they?

Thames Valley scuffers have released cctv images of three people they want to talk to.

How f@cking useless are they?
Utterly useless.

The photos aren't much better.