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Nice recent Eye cover:



You back on acid mate?
Impossible to get hold of these days. which is interesting. Along with the shite quality of GM 'cannabis' very obvious to anyone who has had the real thing just what has been modified out.

I was hoping this was a piss take, but no, this is gen.

I had no idea that the Don river or Grenadier Pond is considered "the streets".
While you lot are waiting for your pension increase Chris does this

Safety belts were first introduced as standard on Ford cars in the 1950s by the team of scientific managers known as the "whiz kids" who revolutionised safety features in American cars and forced all the other car manufacturers to follow suit. Ideas like having "dish-shaped" steering wheels so drivers weren't impaled on steering columns and removing sharp hood ornaments so as not to eviscerate pedestrians hit by the cars became standard.

Chief among the whiz kids was Bob McNamara who was then head-hunted by the Kennedy administration to work at the Department of Defense where he later, unfairly in my opinion (there was plenty of blame going around among the military, spooks and politicians for him to shoulder it all), got the blame for the disastrous US policy in Vietnam.

So while McNamara has ever since been reviled for all the pointless deaths he was alleged to have caused in Vietnam, in actual fact through his making safety a key element in car production, he undoubtedly saved many multitudes of lives more than he has been blamed for losing.

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