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Dear God, she's so gross even her fat is trying to escape through the skin on her 'face'

It’s for the benefit of those unfortunate enough to be blind.

It reads “I’m so plug ugly that even you ‘wouldn’t’ & that smell doesn’t mean I work in a fishmongers” in Braille.
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Re: disturbances this evening

I posted that last night as well. Hard to say for sure, but on the balance of probabilities, it's most likely nonsense.
We Are The People, dunno, Victory To Our Troops, Roden Street Defenders.
Stayed in the Railway Hotel at Morogoro, built by the Germans abourt 1913.
Walls were about 3 feet thick reinforced with steel as became apparent when they tried to extend the hotel. Took days to take out a section of the wall.
Hotel yes, defensive position definitely.

Or typical German over-engineering to thwart termites?
Dude looks like a lady. Sort of. His/her wife stayed with him/her, too.
Not fucked up everything I've ever attempted.

What was Tony Blair's 1997 majority, again? 128, wasn't it? Still think it's a marker of success?

With the BREXIT party depriving the Conservatives of many seats, by splitting the anti-Labour vote, yes it was a pretty good majority for Boris and the Conservatives, under such circumstances . . .

As I posted on the "New Labour Leadership" thread . . . post # 2,207 . . .

Whatever the region/constituency, the next election, will NOT now have the BREXIT party - as in the last election - diluting/emasculating voter swings to the Conservatives, which would -otherwise- have resulted in an even bigger parliamentary majority for the Conservatives, in this present Parliament.

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