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A friend posted this on facefuck...originally from someone calling themselves Dr. Rant. Interesting....

Dear Matt Wanksock. It would seem that Itchy Ballsack says there is 'no money' to give nurses and other NHS staff a proper pay rise.
I see that of the £100 Billion of public money used to pay for PPE contracts, around £17.3 Billion has been awarded without any public consultation. You know, to your mates who run pubs and jewellrey firms. Who in many cases haven't delivered. You remember, you were found to have acted unlawfully (and paid several million more in public money to attempt to defend your position in court).
That money could have given every nurse in the UK a £28,000 bonus.
Still, at least you know where your priorities lie...
Not everyone agrees with you on this one. Considering the conditions that our lass endured in a NHS hospital last year due to bone idle nurses, where had she been a domestic pet the RSPCA would have seized her and prosecuted the owner, I'm not a fan. I've already posted the details elsewhere but in her case I don't blame the easy targets like hospital management or administrators but nurses who have forgotten that they are meant to be a caring profession.

Anyway, an alternative point of view from Andrew Lawrence:



It was medicated with disinfectant
It’s rough it’s tough and takes no shit off nobody
My bold - so that's why it was nicknamed "John Wayne" then?


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