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Reality stranger than fiction dept. I heard of a teacher in Slovakia, where everything was totally corrupted ( and, apart from a cursory nod to EU standards, still is) who told parents that he had contacts at the best university in the country and could guarantee their brat a place in exchange for 1000 Euro or some such. When the student didn't get a place he was highly apologetic...and returned the money ! Everybody was lauding him as a terrifically honest chap and the parents of the few students he did get in were pleased as punch. So, what's the big deal ? He didn't have any contacts at all, just the shrewd knowledge that on a balance of probabilities three or four would get in anyway...3 or four grand for doing **** all ? Yes please !
Wasn't that an old trick of tipsters at the race track? They would go around the crowd giving surefire tips on the winner of the next race, no obligation, but hey if you win you might want to remember an old pal who gave you the tip with a little something for the road.

Of course they were handing out the names of every horse, safe in the knowledge that one of them had to win and there might be a bit of comeback if some eejit took it seriously enough.
This one?
"Mr Starkie, you have a house in America don't you?" says the little agitprop public schoolgirl who lives in LA

When confronted with her demands for a huge fee to turn up and speak at an event where DS and another speaker volunteered to give their services as speakers (from which they earn a living) for free leading to the organisers having to cancel it because she made her extortionate demands at the last minute meaning they couldn't afford to run the event or find a replacement blurted out..

"they couldn't afford to fly me out on top of being asked to pay for being paid for.... errrr"

Classic trust-fund lefty "do as I say not as I do" hectoring. I bet "they" (the preferred pronoun - suggests multiple personality disorder) is next on the line up of the Archewell Spotify podcasts.


Not sure that this fits any of the specific aircraft thread . . .

Came across this on Amazon.

Telepathic recipe cookbook anyone?

$36 for Kindle version. There's one born every minute.