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Thought it might be, hard to keep track of all the lockdown stuff...getting rather passe to be honest.
Yep. Why don't you take a break?
12 months would be nice.
The very Secret KIRKZ strikes again....
I loved this line from the article...

In a revelation that will shock approximately nobody, forcing 15 eggs up your rectum is not a good idea.

No shit?

Troops cleaning their weapons onboard ship, as part of the invasion force on its way to Ramree Island, an island off the coast of Rakhine State, Burma.
21 January 1945.
These men could possibly belong to the 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, connected to the 71st Indian Brigade, 26th Indian Division, as they were one of only a few British Regiments in the landing party at that time and place.
Just a bit before my time, although I was a loyal reader for several years in the 70s, along with Commando Books, the Beano and the Dandy, and of course my Oor Wullie annuals...hoiw I wish I still had them...timeless Jock humour !

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**** me commander! I can remember those squirt rings appearing in school when that comic came out.
Such larks and Japes
My granddaughter showed me this clip. Listen to the dialogue, typical bloody woman.


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