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There were many rail systems (some passenger but mostly transporting other items) that ran on exerting air pressure or running vacuum through self-sealing split rubber tubes in the 19th & 20th Cs.

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Exeter to Starcross, Brunel's pressurised tube railway ended up a failure as they couldn't find a sealant that was weatherproof and wear and tearproof enough to last any length of time. The pumphouse at Starcross still exists and going to see it is a good excuse to have a draught beer in one of the lovely nearby, wait a mo ;9.....but seriously, the line from Exeter St. Thomas to Starcross is straight as an arrow and as a consequence, back in the day before Elf and Safety, BR drivers in Intercity 125s liked to absolutely floor it on that experience I used to love, especially coming back from abroad...watching the beautiful Exe estuary streak by before the majestic turn onto the coast and then back in for a more eisurely chug down the Teign. One of the most beautiful stretches of railway in England ( There are lovely ones in Wales and Jockland as well :) ).
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