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Jerry Tumbler

******* hell.
I thought that was Dave Mustaine from Megadeth at first glance.

The same thing nearly happened to him, but he escaped by The Skin O' His Teeth, he was Sweating Bullets.


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I can drive my care through this!
When I were a lad, I had a weekend job at what was then called The Viking Hotel; during the winter York was hit by floods pretty badly. The road outside the hotel was under several feet of water and there was an old lady that lived in the white house at the 9:46 mark. She was stranded and couldn't get out and had rung the hotel asking for emergancy supplies.
I was dicked to take them to her so got the hotel dinghy out and rowed down the street with her supplies. She was probably in her 70's although to me being just sixteen she looked maybe two or three hundred years old.
She had no intention of leaving and just needed her supplies which consisted of one bottle of Gordon's and several bottles of tonic. Top bird!

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