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Hmmm. I know that feeling....View attachment 541806
Ah ... Sod's Law in action ... once in moment of DIY keenness I decided to adjust the pressure on the Bathroom door return arm .... I carefully turned the adjusting grub screw ... too much ... then watched in amazement as the screw performed ... in slow motion ... a magnificent flight to land in the washbasin spin around inside then disappear the plug 'ole ... lesson learned .


... and perhaps saying " done that " .... daily ...

.... I have posted before I was once on the Eildon Hills and saw three Vulcan Bombers ground hugging and flying at a lower level than where I was standing .
Chucking out more shit than a Chieftain L60 though..
Or educated at Hillhead High School
Maybe when we were young, certainly not in the last 30 years though, it's just an ordinary comprehensive now, not State Grant Aided anymore. My mum went to HHS, My dad was Jordanhill, I went to Hillhead PS then Albert.
The terror of NATO: