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Apparently Alexa has a more active social life than I do. No one had been upstairs for hours when I heard music blaring from my room. Alexa must have decided to throw a party tonight as she started playing several AC/DC songs at full volume.

I thought it best not to disturb her and closed the door
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... and perhaps some saying " done that " ....

.... I have posted before I was once on the Eildon Hills and saw three Vulcan Bombers ground hugging and flying at a lower level than where I was standing .
Also, note the number of vehicles parked up, I guess the occupants were out enjoying the spectacle


That would be aw deid. Unless you're from Inverness. Or Morningside.
..would that not be "awl dead" with the emphasis on the second vowel, depending if you were north or south of the Canny Mans?


they do look good but it can be as scary as hell when your driving up the pass and one of those ******* suddenly appears above you, dread to think how many wet spots on seats they`ve created (for both reasons)
Living in mid- Wales you get used to...well, kind of...high-speed, low-flying stuff screeching through your life on a daily basis...well, used to be. One of the most memorable for me was sat with my back on a trig. point at the top of a hill outside Aberystwyth in the 80s. Just rolled a cig and something impelled me to look behind me to see a GR2 bearing down on me at an incredible rate of knots. See the pilot ? I could have kissed the ******...and the noise! I swear if I hadn't seen it coming I would have had a fecking heart attack !!!!


Just for the non-edinbuggers..

Them ******* gave me a headache down in the Falklands in 1991. They were animals! :D

I was attached with the Fd Sqn that replaced them and when we moved into Death Star, it was severely trashed

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