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Racing for real men:

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This is genuinely from the local Indian takeaway.

Morning @Old Stab,
This is from the menu in local restuarant here.

You can also get facials if you are so inclined
So what you do is get the governments flood risk map, change the colour from blue to red then call it research. Yes it might flood in 30 years not news.

In these parts most municipalities had maps showing 10, 20 and 50 year flood lines where floods had a predicted likelihood to those levels in those time frames. They were used in town planning to limit development for the safety of communities in those areas.

These days developers just slip a fat brown envelope under the table to bypass any concerns, and I doubt those maps even exist any more, probably cleared to make extra office space to accommodate more seat warmers on the public tit. The lack of river maintenance and clearing of watercourses to allow run off makes it even more likely that floods will exceed those levels should we experience heavy rains.


An informative page with a video of the 5.25" CA/AA Battery at Port Moresby.

A similar battery was built in North Marine Park, South Shields but the remained of the programme were cancelled.
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