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I've had many a wobbly legged night on Warsteiner! :D

I did the brewery tour with the obligatory free beer in the Bierkellear in the grounds afterwards.

It was very messy, and the Mess PEC had to go back a few weeks later with all the pictures, plants and ornaments we had stolen, and apologise.
My boot is rammed full, full traffic officer patrol bag, full community first responder bag with full oxygen cylinder and defib, plus personal first aid kit, 5L of oil and 5L of screen wash. ;) plus the car had been ticking over for 20 minutes to defrost it, look at the thermometer! I usually get high 40s per gallon.

Mmm, yeah right

They must be false then because they're riding too high to be 60 years old.
In 2008 she was complaining about them saying she wanted to get rid obviously they have had extensive structural repairs since then.
This really needs the spoken introduction/explanation at the beginning, but I can only find this link . . .

The Eagles - One Day At a Time (Live 2005)----Joe Walsh

Damn it . . . enjoy the WHOLE concert . . . all 1:39:08 of Part 1

closely followed by . . . all 1:05:15 of Part 2

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Specifically from Part 2 . . . with added sardonic humour . . . Eagles - Life´s Been Good Live



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Close but "Fail". They had the opportunity to put those drumsticks and the mouthpieces of the trumpets and saxophones to, errm, "better use" and didn't do so.
Jap tyres? When Iwas a lad some started buying little Japanese buzz bombs. The clever ones changed the tyres ASAP.
The numpties continued on their Jap instant skids. For a while.
Ah yes "have a drama on a Yokohama".
A tester on Motorcycle News managed to slide down the road at 35mph on a dry road. He coined the phrase shortly after.
Of course I believe he was doing 35.......



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