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if it`s a crown vehicle there is probably no insurance on it anyway, police vehicles are not covered under a policy in north wales, they self insure
It's my personal vehicle we were talking about. Our patrol cars are insured on a company policy now that we're a private company.
Meh. My fairly new 6.7 Ford Powerstroke gets 16 MPG no matter what I do :)

Mrs S.D. has a car with possibly the longest name. Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost Turbo ST Line X 182. 3 cylinder, which is just wrong. And when driven hard it doesn't do much better than 16 MPG. Good fun, though.

When I had the (998) 911 Carrera 4, it could do high 20's round the doors.

My folks have a MK7.5 Fiesta, with the very last of the Yamaha "Screamer" engines in it. 1242cc 4 cyl 16v petrol. That'll do very nearly 60 MPG. I have never driven a front wheel drive car that goes round corners like it. It came with Hoo Flung Dung Ditchfinders on it, which I immediately changed to Firestones. No wonder Chris Harris from Top Gear said "It's brilliant". It really is.
I actually can't believe you f4ckers!

That is a little kid that has just smashed into a solid object on their bike at quite a lick and is probably in both shock and great pain. You would probably be howling too, if you were still conscious that is.

Why is this funny?
What if that was your kid or grandkid, would it still be so funny?
Is there something about this particular kid that singles him out for your vileness?

You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Funny as fuck, what if it ran over your kid, wife, mother, smashed into your car, now do you see why its funny, only the tool was hurt.

That reminds me of when my platoon had our tropical vaccinations done by (supervised) trainee medics which was rather like being attacked by angry porcupine.
Nobody was too bothered and bore the repeated stabbings with little reaction apart from one of my mates who was know for his strength, stamina and self-control. It took myself and three others to hold the fecker down long enough for the buggers to get the needle into a vein.

Sent from my karzi while losing several pounds

Spot the team in white
Our car park is private with no access to the public, so it's not a public road. ;)
So our local crims with some interesting four by fours can't get to you cross country?
Thats the latest issue round here, they approach a site away from CCTV.
That was how a recent burlary involving theft of vehicles from the drainage board was conducted.
They also used angle grinders to cut through the side of buildings for access and to cut observation slots into steel shipping containers to see if they were worth breaking into.
Came back a week later and did the same to a neighbouring business.
That's just it, no one can access the compound without a fob, the gate is also covered by CCTV which is monitored 24 hours a day, so I'm confident the vehicle is safe whilst it defrosts. ;)
Challenge accepted

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