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A couple of decades ago, at Springfield Ops, BLMF, an American (who ISTR was a frequent flyer) was accosted by a couple of the REME guys while parking his armoured HumVee up. Their requests for him to leave the keys with them so they could have a cabbie look after it for him whilst he was away for a few hours were denied.
He made a great show of leaving the keys in the ignition and locking the doors with some very chunky security padlocks, boasting that there was no way they could get into it without busting the padlocks.
I think it took them less than a minute to source replacement split pins for the ones holding the cupola in place. They parked it back up facing the wrong way just so he would know it had been used.

I didn't think Mil Humvee's had keys. At Incirlik AFB, Turkey, the USAF, because anyone could start up and drive them away, made them secure by either chaining them up or removing the steering wheel altogether.

One evening I decided stupidly after a few beers to borrow one that had the wheel unchained and in situ. I got a short distance before several people flagged me down. They we shouting at me to turn my lights on. I parked it up and legged it, to avoid arrest and kicking for the base police
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