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The judge said: 'Without the regulations in place, your conduct would have been lawful. But the enforcement of regulations was necessary for public health. Police took a measured response. You, however, didn't engage with police - police action in arresting you was necessary and proportionate.'

Corbyn was handed an absolute discharge - meaning he will not be fined or face any further punishment - after the judge heard he had spent 12 hours in custody after being arrested.

That was worth it then.

will it not stuff the wrongly arrest and detention suit that he habitually lodges
Don't we all?

it's not like you're taking one letter. You're moving millions nationwide every day, as well as parcels and the kicker is that you can't refuse to pay and they can raise the price anytime they like. They have you by the balls. Also, it doesnt matter if the letter goes a thousand miles or one mile, it's still 85p.
If only there was some other communication services around now.

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