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I thought you were going to ask him why he was walking around the docks at 11.05pm...
Re “babysitting” ... that’s what I was doing: Indian Pk Contingent Engineer Bn deployment Nov ‘05. Airlift “essentials”/Main Body from Delhi, and road/rail main cargo Delhi-Mumbai, then sea Mombasa/Port Sudan, then road to UNMIS. To say it was like herding cats is an understatement ... but, to their credit, once herded they worked like, umm “that” dog, and ensured all cargo loaded, and ships departed on time. However, Mombasa lived up to its rep., considerable amount less cargo got road-moved on from there!
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I went to a funeral today. The second of this nature that I have had to attend and i'm getting sick of it.

Fair point.

I think if you were to ask most soldiers about funerals they’ve attended of mates/colleagues, they’d tell you that many more were due to suicides than combat or natural causes. Be interesting to see these statistics.


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My error. I see that Bugsy plopped that seasonal turd on these hallowed pages, so all is well. I missed it as I usually have the Hibernian fantasist on ignore.

You stupid Cųnt, fucking Hibernian? I am from Lancashire you dense Twonk.


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I've just tried a little experiment as I happen to have a pulse oximeter.

No mask: 98%

Simple two-layer cotton mask: 95%

And I'm pretty sure that a warm damp cloth would be a suitable environment for bacteria and fungi to thrive. Ask your missus about wearing tight trousers for extended amounts of time.

I'll try it with an N95 surgical mask later.
The bloody government, suppressing all news of that epidemic of choking and bacterial lung infections amongst surgeons, OT nurses, anaesthesiologists and every other bugger who's worn masks routinely for years without bloody whinging about it.

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