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I'm more interested in how the mask is held on his face, looks like someone's used a staple gun.
Nah. 3M post-it notes. Maybe with a bit of Sellotape for good measure.
Jake Gray took this photo at his mother's house in Cairns.
The spider is a Banded Huntsman and goes by the name Charlotte.
Charlotte has been a housemate for years now. When she appears, the family enjoys admiring how much bigger she has gotten from the last time they spotted her.
Jake Gray (via
ABC Brisbane

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"Seen the cat recently, Bruce ?"
Beautiful Huntsman.

For everyone flipping their shit, Huntsman spiders are harmless to humans and animals. They're great for keeping insects down, as well as cockroaches and other more harmful spiders.

On a similar note, I had to remove a blue tongue lizard from my office last week,.


(Not my photo, but it gives an idea of the size of them).

I heard a couple of women screaming near reception. Got up to have a gander at what was going on, two of them were trying to push this lizard out the door with a broom. They were screaming everytime it turned around and tried to nip the broom head.

I just picked it up and carried it out to the garden.

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