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A 'man' being arrested at the anti covid protest yesterday:


What a superb video, probably just before my time but I will never forget on Op Tantalus (and that dates me) being dragged away from an empty building in Crossmaglen square by a pissed off Jock with the immortal words "C***, its an empty" I suspect Kevin Bridges and he weren't on the same page
Actually, skip the whole thing...

To sum up: A man claiming to be Dr. Roger Hodkinson called into a public city council meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, to give his two cents about how the city was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. While Hodkinson, who said that he is currently the chairman of a company that produces COVID-19 tests, does have an educational background in pathology, both the Alberta Medical Association and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons have published statements refuting his claims. Our review of Hodkinson’s comments also found that his statements contained inaccuracies as well as opinions that fall outside the consensus of the scientific community.

Snopes, eh?

The only 'fact' they claim as false is something he didn't say. He said he used to be chairman.




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