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I raise you Karel Gott...Communist Czechoslovakia's combination of Elvis and Engelbert Humperdink. My ex and hundreds of thousands of girlies her age and older used to flick their coffee beans over this bloke. It has to be said he is pretty talented, not just as a singer but an artist as well.

Edited to add...if you listen to the lyrics you can see why this 'Western decadence' passed the censors. Anti - communist artistes, writers and intellectuals got very good at getting round an openly oppressive regime. That's why there isn't much open oppression around these days, the lesson was learned. Plying the plebs with toys, booze, food ( in a laughable sense) and leisure works faaar better and creates willing fucktards. Just look around you.

That crowd reminds me of Britain in lockdown, but not one of them is aware of it.
Usual suspects please don't come out with your highly scientific and medical justifications for your viewpoint. I only deal with truth, and that is something up to the individual, brainwashed or unbrainwashed. Four hundred and seventy-nine deaths. I bang my head metaphorically against a wall at all these scare statistics, 62 million, or thereabouts, isn't that the official popuation of the UK now...ach, I give up....the ******* cliff is over there if you believe this shite.

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Skip the first 45 seconds,

Actually, skip the whole thing...

To sum up: A man claiming to be Dr. Roger Hodkinson called into a public city council meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, to give his two cents about how the city was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. While Hodkinson, who said that he is currently the chairman of a company that produces COVID-19 tests, does have an educational background in pathology, both the Alberta Medical Association and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons have published statements refuting his claims. Our review of Hodkinson’s comments also found that his statements contained inaccuracies as well as opinions that fall outside the consensus of the scientific community.
‘A pub in Plymouth’
Mate : “bottle of wine please”
Barkeep: ‘we only serve drinks in glasses”
Mate: “pint of wine please”
My local in Fareham (some years ago, mind). Four matelots renting a house nearby (long course in Sultan?) used to enter the pub and ask for a bottle of wine each.
Barperson: “wanna glass?”
Matelots: “ not bothered, mate”
To amuse themselves the bar staff might proffer a Sherry schooner, pint mug with a handle, or just a straw. Or not bother.
Plymouth insisting on drinks in a glass therefore makes it classier than Fareham. And that is going some.


I've weighed this up and have decided to report this, for some kind of record, here. After I left one of the internet 'cafes' that I use here today

Earlier on, about 1800ish, I left the 'internet cafe' I sometimes use and walked 50 or so yards to a bus stop. Arriving, at the shelter, it was occupied by a South American lady, later turned out to be from Bolivia. The bench was empty and I was about to sit down, but she warned me it was wet, so I just plonked my shopping on it and stood. Moments later, out of goodness knows where because I didn't make any contact, in front of me comes a stocky, baldy bloke, probably around my age, reeking of 'government although civvie dressed and starts to harangue me for not wearing a mask. I attempted, politely, to explain that I have a mask which I will wear on private property, such as transport, but not in open spaces. He became, well, he started out and it only got worse, quiote aggressive, verbally and then shoved me hard in the chest so I was on the shelter bench. I stood back up and started calling out Policia !!!! He pushed me down again and I called out again Policia !!! and in English You have just assaulted me Police !!!! Fair dos to the usually cowardly Spaniards, in seconds seven or eight people turned up . He lost his balls then and scampered onto a bus which conveniently arrived, empty , perhaps by chance and fucked off. I hope some took my advice and photo¡d the cunt and filmed the incident. That it comes only a few days after I laid into the Generalitat for 'Trains of silence' is coincidental, of course.
I come over all peculiar*.

*Not necessarily a euphemism for "the keyboard".

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