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A great piss-take on the wokerati and their use of "Latinx" instead of "Latino" or "Latina".


Book Reviewer


Book Reviewer
For Winnie Ille Pu fans: the classical Latin mash track. It works.

What surprise happens when a Max Wall lookalike conducts a bunch of traditional Chinese instrumentalists.

The regimental march of the 1st King's Dragoon Guards was never played quite like this but I nevertheless, I still find this different version enjoyable

No it's not...

First Aussie I met was in the UK, a group of us went down the pub and instead of having a beer he ordered a bottle of wine, which he proceeded to drink out of a pint glass at the same rate as we drank our beer.
‘A pub in Plymouth’
Mate : “bottle of wine please”
Barkeep: ‘we only serve drinks in glasses”
Mate: “pint of wine please”
They won't get immunised 'cause they're not having the government tell them what to do with their own bodies innit! Not 'avin none of that chemicals injected into me, anyway I'm off down the pub 'cause my mate Dave says there's a bloke down there, sits in the corner, deals some banging stuff!
Is this the bloke who wipes the neck of the whiskey bottle that’s being passed round, but 5 pints later is licking out a skank he met 30mins ago?

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