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Rant time...posted this to a mate elsewhere:

If there wasn't already enough evidence to convince even a retarded child that COVID is a very nasty bag of shite, the Barcelona public has, since Monday I think, been told to get off the streets by 10 pm as an emergency measure. For fucks sake, COVID, apart from being immune to variations in climate and geography is now at its most virulent in the evening...hides in the shadows no doubt...what a ******* virus eh ? No wonder top scientists and doctors are shit scared of telling the truth for fear of losing their jobs, er, baffled. Totalitarianism is here and here to stay for a while.

Edited to add: seems the UK is just as fucked up, see pic. When the **** are people going to wake up and realise they are being had on a grand scale ????View attachment 516388

FFS mate give it up

It’s real and the spread is a matter of simple statistics.

It could be killed off in 2 weeks if everything was shut and everyone stayed home.

But that can’t be done.

But the more restrictions on human interactions there are the more chance R < 1.

Simple as that.


First time I've seen it.
Does she do **** for a bacardi breezer and a packet of scampi fries?
She'd probably do it for some leftover warm chips and the last drag of your cig.


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Sorry but that is a 10 ton, Leyland 'Martian' Gun Tractor.
Well spotted old bean! Almost a direct copy of the Albion Motors CX22s 6x4 Gun Tractor

Leyland Martian


Albion CX22s


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re Ciggie’s earlier about odd Worthy Oriental Gentlemens’ customs ...

Aaah, yes, Khartoum (all of Sudan, ecksh’lly) ... early 2005, arrived for a coupla days ‘orientation’ en-route to a contract task for “a large Organisation” overseeing/coordinating vessel unloading and cargo deployment into the west of the country, based at Port Sudan. After a biiig day dealing with the “large Organisition” version of bureacracy my colleague and I repaired to the bar of our hotel, the Hilton, and ordered two of their finest cold ales ... having attempted to slake our thirst, we politely enquired as to the interesting flavour and marked lack of excitement in our cold ales compared to that evident in the other denizens of the bar? Wet cardboard would have been more exciting ... but the locals were getting a buzz merely from the word “ale/beer”, the lack of alcohol within which liquid notwithstanding!
The lack of alcohol in their lives may explain a lot of their idiosyncracies ... during a later contract based at El-Fashir one of my major tasks was coordinating suitable quality liquid libations for our evening “O Groups” back at our accom. I was fortunate in that endeavour due the nature of my taskings, in that I had some considerable responsibility for the aviation tasking and resupply of inbound “fresh” from Nairobi ... especially after the afternoon weather event ...

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