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I bet they weren’t foxes in the morning though...
My nickname at school was The Fox.
Not because I had red hair and not because I was sly and cunning.
At school they called me The Fox because all the girls that chased me were dogs.


I live in a small village between Preston and Southport, there are fields within 50 yards of my house.
I've seen more foxes in central Manchester when coming home from clubbing than I've seen in my village in almost 50 years of living here.
All moved to London I'm sure of it .
Other side of by back fence is all fields or woods for about five miles then it's the next village along . Just don't see foxes apart from the two I mentioned upthread . Did hear one once though .
Used to hear them a lot in London though , awful screaming they make . Some neighbours once asked me what was that noise that kept them awake overnight .
I told them honeybadgers :cool: