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My GSD chased deer, pheasants and rabbits on a daily basis.
All he ever managed to catch though was a mouse, which he stepped on and flattened

When I was a kid we had a Ridgeback that came into the house dragging a cerval cat, (think small leopard) which it had by the neck. It was very much alive and very angry. That dog knew that it would be ripped up if it let go and had come in with it as if to say "Now it's your problem too" It was a bit like the last scene in the Italian Job.


That's a bit steep, even if the damned thing is genuine . . . and most WII-era German decorations and badges are not.

Helmut Weitze is notoriously expensive. His stuff is guaranteed genuine but 32,000€ is twice the catalogue price!! Even if this Close Combat Badge is the rare 2nd variant.



Current (2017) edition.


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There's no point, not enough meat on a vegan to make it a viable business - snaring them with a bit of tofu and dragging them round the back will reduce 'harvesting costs' but still, they'd make a miserable steak pie...


He has a point here


  • An army of sheep's led by a lion on a sheep with lions army can defeat lion by sheep's_.jpeg.jpg
    An army of sheep's led by a lion on a sheep with lions army can defeat lion by sheep's_.jpeg.jpg
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What do you expect from a politician who has spent 47 years on the public teat and has accomplished nothing? Now old age and Alzheimer's is creeping up on him. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn he might have suffered a stroke or two as well that slurred his speech and confused his mind. He called Donald Trump Abraham Lincoln at the 2nd debate - and called him a racist. The poor man should be in an Old Folks Home and not on the stump trying to be elected president.
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Trump supporter takes the challenge...


Posts it on Trump fan message boards, 1700 uplikes in an hour and now they are all trying to do it.


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I could put this in so many threads for you pervs. I'll just leave it here... :p

This is shuffle dancing, if you'd like to learn here is a tutorial:


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