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Hmmmm, interesting one. See a previous post of mine about how suspect Sacha Baron Cohen's 'humour' actually is, and his true agenda...not a pleasant piece of work at all....not that I think much of Giuliani either, but still....

Meanwhile, in Canada

That might be Oshwegan on the reserve?
They are feisty there, which would explain the anti-OPP aggression, they have their own Police force and have had a lot of trouble there lately.
My oldest lives not far.


That could add some context, I could be wrong too but I won't be too far off the mark. It's complex ;)


Lacrosse stick? That's not entirely hetro is it?

Not just a game played by the likes of Cheltenham Ladies College, quite a popular and physical sport in bits of the USA.

Deployed the right way a projectile from a lacrosse stick can easily reach lethal velocities and accuracy.

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