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Ah, the Group B....unforgettable...and since you mention the Quattro, I have to mention Michèle Mouton, a.k.a "the Black Volcano", the first female to have won a WRC race in 1981 and who was 2nd in the WRC championship in 1982

brings back memories, watched her driving a Quattro (think it was kicking out well over 500bhp) while full of cold, dripping nose, puffy eyes but still a beauty and bloody rapid driver
Optimistic Girl.

It's all in indecipherable Frog btw.

Great find, thanks

The dog is called "Quattro" !

In spite of all the talks about German effectiveness, the Audi team was notoriously inefficient in the first years of the Quattro. When Rohrl did a stint with Lancia and then returned to Audi, he brought back with him a number of Italian recipes to improve the way the team worked.

The tense relationship with the mechanics is in evidence in this report...

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