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Thank you Tom Lehrer:

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However, my favourite is Spreaddie Flintoff.

  • David Plowie
  • Kyle Spreadmund
  • Maureen Gritman
  • Nicole Saltsinger
  • Basil Salty
  • Roger Spreaderer
  • William Wilberfrost
  • Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
  • Walter the Salter
  • Gritty McGritface
  • Spreaddie Mercury
  • Thaw Enforcement
  • Itsy Bitsy Teeney Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machinery
  • Spreaddie Flintoff
  • Freezy Rider
  • Gritney Spears
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  • Gritney Houston
  • Er Ner Sner
  • Ease Sliding of Yorkshire

The gritters at Barnsley Council are all called Parkedinthefuckingyard........
Wondering if these guys were trained by the RE.......
Published by: Royal Navy, on 23 October 2020.

Medics prepare for global operations with intensive training in battlefield injuries.

Medical experts have prepared themselves for operations with Royal Marines Commandos across the globe with intensive training in casualties and battlefield injuries.

The Medical Squadron of Commando Logistic Regiment are responsible for providing vital medical support to 3 Commando Brigade wherever they go in the world.

This means adapting to new ways of operating as part of Future Commando Force (FCF) development, which will see Royal Marines forward deployed ready to react to crises around the world.

With the commandos going back to their roots as raiders from the sea it means the medics need to alter their own ways of working to suit.

The medics are tailoring their approach to be lighter and more agile, so they can keep up with fast-paced operations.

“This exercise has been a great opportunity to work with our brothers and sisters from around Defence Medical Services while also demonstrating that we’re ready to go out the door and we’re adapting and innovating to meet the requirements of the Future Commando Force,” said Lieutenant Freddie Miller RM.

Teams from across 3 Commando Brigade, Navy Command Headquarters and 16 Medical Regiment – which provides dedicated medical support to 16 Air Assault Brigade – were all involved in the training at RMB Chivenor in North Devon.

The purpose of the training was to validate a number of the medical treatment facilities used to support commandos while in combat across the world and declare them ready for action.

WARNING: The gallery contains graphic images of severe injuries, which were created by casualty simulations experts and actors for the training . . .
Members of the Commando Logistic Regiment Medical Squadron tend to battlefield injuries

A Royal Marine awaits treatment for mock battlefield injuries to his face as part of Medical Squadron training
[Follow link for all 30 images]

This exercise has been a great opportunity to work with our brothers and sisters from around Defence Medical Services while also demonstrating that we’re ready to go out the door and we’re adapting and innovating to meet the requirements of the Future Commando Force.

Lieutenant Freddie Miller RM​

The first week saw the Role 1 Regimental Aid Posts from 40 and 45 Commando join the Medical Squadron in reacting to a wide variety of casualties, building up to a mass-casualty incident where they were tasked with dealing with multiple, seriously-injured troops who had been involved in a mock IED (Improvised Explosive Device) detonation.

All this is done with very realistic-looking injuries, complete with movie-quality blood and gore, providing the medics the feeling of a genuinely urgent scenario.

Actors and a specialist company are brought in to provide as much realism as possible.

The aid posts act as the initial medical care provided after coming off the battlefield and is the first layer of facility that the brigade can deploy.

The second week saw the next level of facility tested for readiness to head on ops.

The Role 1 Medical Reception Station offers General Practitioner access to commandos, meeting NHS standards of patients being able to see a GP, but also offering dental and mental health treatment. This is like what you’d find at a sickbay on camp.

The Medical Reception Station was tasked with several scenarios, including managing complex causalities arriving from aid posts.

The exercise, named Green Serpent, came to its conclusion with the Commando Forward Surgical Group looking at how they can support Future Commando Force operations.

The surgical group is usually configured into a Role 2 Basic, which means they have limited hospital capability, plus resuscitation and surgery facilities.

But under Future Commando Force, they will restructure into a Role 2 Forward, which means they are able to deliver the same treatment but will carry less kit and bring fewer personnel, making it easier to move to where they are needed most.

Making sure medical support can be manoeuvred into position, established and rapidly ready to treat casualties is vital to maximising casualty survivability; this means facilities must be able to establish in a variety of environments: from the Desert to the Arctic.

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A nice gesture.......

Niagara Falls, October 23, 2020.
Remembering the 1956 revolution in Hungary
, and that Freedom and Freedom of Speech is not everyone’s privilege - even in today’s World.
Grateful for living in a country
that welcomes everyone while celebrating each other’s culture and heritage - freely, and with Respect.
“May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” - Peter Marshall



...and a bit of culture to brighten your Saturday...

′′ The new very long tapestry that fully covers the steps of St Lucia's church in Arzachena.
An extraordinary work by Claudia Filigheddu that values our traditions."
Published by: Tom Dunlop, UK Defence Journal, on 23 October 2020.

US, Royal Navy sign agreement on ‘Integrated Warfighting’.

U.S Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Gilday conducted a bilateral Strategic Dialogue via video teleconference with the First Sea Lord this week.

The leaders discussed the two navies’ alliance and areas for continued collaboration and cooperation around the globe.

Additionally, the two leaders signed a Statement of Intent for ‘Future Integrated Warfighting’ that will set a “cooperative vision for inter-changeability between the two navies, synchronize pioneering capabilities, strengthen operating concepts, and focus our collective efforts to Deliver Combined Seapower, together”.

“We have a long tradition of sailing together from the Atlantic to the Indo-Pacific. No doubt, our storied past has strengthened our friendship today, and will do so far into the future,” said Gilday.

“After months of hard work on both sides of the Atlantic, we are pleased to sign this Statement of Intent that will set a cooperative vision for interchangeability. By organizing our cooperation together on Carrier Strike, Underwater Superiority, Navy-Marine integration as well as future warfighting efforts like unmanned and AI, we will remain on the leading edge of Great Power Competition.”

Radakin echoed similar sentiments.

“In an increasingly contested world, alliances and partnerships such as that between the U.K. and the U.S. are vital,” said Radakin.

“We have already proven how closely we can work together, from developing our carrier strike capability to jointly demonstrating freedom of navigation around the world. Now, as we move towards every greater interchangeability, I am excited by the opportunities to strengthen and deepen our partnership today and in the years to come.”

The U.S. Navy and Royal Navy regularly operate together around the world. Most recently, the USS The Sullivans took part in the Royal Navy’s Carrier Strike Group exercise and Joint Warrior 20-2.

The two navies also conducted training in the Barents Sea in early September.


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