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Don't tell me - the little Allen key was missing....
@Don Carlo will deny this but that photo was taken mere seconds after he had assembled it and opened the front door for the first time.
Remember to keep your p e ts inside on 5 November.

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Looks fun, some good quality footage

Donald Campbell walt!


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Remember to keep your p e ts inside on 5 November.

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Just nicked that and posted it on my FB page, I'll let you know how many complaints I get from Lefties.


The absolute state of this country. When are the tories going to start being conservatives and put a stop to all this bullahit
I gave you a like, but I really do wonder if people are ever going to wake up and realise that all 'democratic' politics, no matter what country or what political party are total and utter bullshit. Votes really don't matter a shit, we get what we are given, like it or not. The Bilderberg group is not tinfoil hat nonsense, it is very real and they are the 'kingmakers' although I have little doubt that even they are subject to the orders of even more anonymous power-weilders.


The family drawing.
My son's teacher urgently called us to school. I asked my son what happened and he said teacher didn't like his drawing. When we got to the interview, the teacher, very thoughtful, showed us this by saying she had asked the kids to draw their family while doing something together.
I told my teacher that during summer vacation we all did a scuba dive together

Never judge by appearances! Sometimes you just need to talk to the kids.

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