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My most depressing culinary moment was in Galveston at a dockside ( swanky I believe is the phrase) restaurant.
The top dish price wise was a seafood platter promising lobster clam shrimp
mussels oysters and about 5 other things. Yummy
ordered it (about £20 so far so good)
then this enormous bin lid of a platter is delivered to the table with a flourish.
And every fekking thing on it had been battered and deep fried. Heatherns.

It was Galveston.

I'm only surprised that it didn't come with a side order of Oil Tanker.


I know, and the few 'real coppers' we have left must be delighted to see resources spent on this lot.

I get that: but if you really have to have a fluffy side it's better to deploy theses two clowns rather than demeaning a couple of proper coppers. Let the former deal with the hearts and minds and the latter deal with applying the ASP when it doesn't work.
Looks like things are getting serious at Glasgow Uni.


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