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There is a dedicated thread for stuff about this homunculus but here may get a broader viewing. Aside from the glaring question : what is this unelected and as far as I can see not legally qualified scruffy little ballbag doing formulating laws likely to affect the whole population, there are some choice phrases in the article which could do with explaining, like what are 'data- enabled services', and what is meant by this : remove “legal barriers (real and perceived)” to data use, encourage international sharing and deliver a “radical transformation of how the government understands and unlocks the value of its own data”.

Dominic Cummings' data law shake-up a danger to trade, says EU

More rights sliding round the U-bend.
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"always seems to be empty most of the time." What does that mean?

Are you Welsh?

a la:

"Whose coat is this jacket?"

"You three are a right pair!"

"If your father was alive today, he'd be spinning in his grave."

As in empty of customers.


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