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There was a time I was surprised about snide goods in SE Asia. No longer.

I did enjoy this line though:

‘The owner of the warehouse said they had received a “monthly input of used condoms from an unknown person”.’

Which ARRSER do we think this might be?
Remind me of a discussion around uniform items and the various classes of stores. We were being briefed by a supplier officer about what happened to old and used uniform items, and the story went that most of them were collected together and shipped to Donington for disposal.

One of the scruff in the back row then put his hand up and asked, "is that all uniform items that are returned sir?" The response was yes, they were all sent back, sorted and packaged up for disposal.

Scruff went one step further "So does that mean that Donington has a big pile of used WRAF PT knickers......"

Dr Death

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Some traffic wardens have become traffic community support officers, (TCSOs)
How - where - exactly does BWB sit in this great scheme of things . . . particularly with the new head-gear, that you have . . . ?! ;) .


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