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I have to say that that was eloquently put. The state of society in our country and any other in the so-called 'developed' world today is the product of people being too afraid and conditioned to admit they have been lied to and have allowed their lives to be turned into a sham on the basis of little more than a pack of lies.
Thanks - there's no appetite for it politically though, current and future politicians do not want to be held to high standards either....
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Really, why?

Anyone who voted for Iraq can simply tell the truth and say they acted in good faith upon the information given to them at the time.

The fact it came to light that the information was fabricated by a few people and no one has had the guts to hold them to account is a completely different matter.

The no disrespect to any Soldier, Sailor or Airman in my eyes.
Guido is succumbing to a trait he so derides in others: Being offended by proxy. I doubt very much that any current or ex-mil think this 'illegal war' allegation was pointing the finger of blame at them or that they are in the slightest bit offended. I'm not.


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Ah, black lives matter...a culture to aspire to indeed...View attachment 506693

I have a four year old Granddaughter just like that. Her six year old sister isn't confrontational and doesn't want to fight. Her kid sister however is the complete opposite, anyone messes with her big sister and she will mess them up. The kid is fearless.

However, seeing as the wee one is grandpa's best wee pal, old grandpa is catching hell from both herself and the newest member to the Coven our DiL. I stand accused of possibly dispensing advice to said granddaughter that may have made her stand up to the reigning wee classroom princess and fisticuffs may have been involved.

Both the kid and I are pleading the 5th, she learns real fast that one.
My niece was called to have an interview without coffee with her daughter‘s head mistress and informed that her 5 year old daughter was putting the frighteners on the kids in the playground, her favourite weapon being the cardboard tube from a roll of Christmas wrapping paper. Laughed my socks off.
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