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Mike Barton

You may be right with older people, but I have my doubts that many under 40 would be able to point it out on a map. Perhaps my view is a bit jaundiced seeing what is presented on British quiz shows on the idiot box. It's possible they weed out those with a clue and air the mongs purely for the potentially humorous bellthronkery, but if your lot are anything like our smartphone fixated halfwits, I'll stand by that bet.

I believe that because everything is available at their fingertips on their phones, no one bothers thinking any more. Kill the internet and half of them would more than likely forget to breathe.

That brings back memories, Primary Six, old fashioned schoolmaster Mister Tommy McLaughlin, he knew how to motivate boys, he gave us a map of Europe with all the countries' borders but without names. He would give two bob to any lad who could not only correctly identify all of the countries but spell them too the next morning.

I won, to this day I can still spell "Czechoslovakia" in under 2 seconds. And that's what ages me, how many of the countries I could spell, including the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Yugoslavia and the aforementioned Czechoslovakia no longer exist and how many countries that didn't exist in Europe (officially) now exist?

Of course those were the good old days when geography was about learning about all the different countries around the world and not about Climate Change.


Brilliant, made me laugh out loud.

I know three words in Spanish that those guys would be hearing pretty damned quick once their bosses saw that lot:

A Punta! Fuego!




What are these pictures of which you speak? My cardboard and string telescope views your endeavours with the unmentionable Gentleman's Device in real time.

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