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Wah shield up; "Friend of Dorothy"? Shield down.
That was from Mary Tyler Moore playing Dorothy in Thoroughly Modern Millie, not Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz.
Are you sure, because Judy Garland has always been an icon for those light in their loafers.
It's even a repeated line in the Play and Film. This was confirmed by my uncle who is a choreographer, a lover of musical theatre, and a notorious homosexualist, his beard used to be quite hot though, she used to spend the working week in Glasgow with her flatmate and stay with him in his house in a highland town most weekends, then he could have theatrical pals visit him during the week for a "break".
It's raining and the fuckwits are out in force



War Hero


It's raining and the fuckwits are out in force

There's a couple of versions on the local FB - one with the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack added and one with Jack and Victor from Still Game when they had their jolly down the river.

Check out FUBAR.

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