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Is he a piss artist? those sketches look **** all like George Michael.
Kirkz old chap! I went looking for that link you put up for the YT to Mp3 but chinned it off after five minutes. What was the link mate?

I'd look myself but me being a good christian lad, the internet frightens me and it's full of sin*

* That bit isn't true, I'm just being a lazy kunt.


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Not only honey badgers....
Fecking porkypines! I hate the little b@astards. when I wasn't around two of my mutts decided to mix it up with one back in the Spring that added to their education.

They still have quills inside around the muzzle that are working their way out. It took herself three and a half hours to pull the quills from both dogs but geez nothing close to that poor wee guy above.

All said and done though the wee porky pine can't help being what he is and nature gave them that defence for a good reason. Unfortunately the mutts despite the pasting they took, the porkypine came of worse for the encounter.


Is that true, Jarrod? :? Madonna and the late Judy Garland are considered an iccn to the LGT+4 set?
Queer Duck, the Gaylord cartoon had a thing about Barbara Streisand, but not a word was mentioned about Madonna or Garland. (I wonder if they have a similar Jones for Liza Minelli? She was tasty in Cabaret, but that's got to be pushing 40 years ago now? )

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It's always struck me as rather strange that 'gay icons' are women...
Yes you’re right of course about frag. I was being lazy as this wasn’t a discussion about frag. I should have typed ‘one of the reasons’ indeed frag is a longer range risk*. :)

* My autocorrect keeps wanting to write ‘rusk’.

A ‘longer-range rusk’. The mind boggles...
Box of Ouma buttermilk air dropped in the shateen from a Bosbok?


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Firm and sweet. What's not to like?

Unfortunately they've changed the recipe (like everything else) and the things are now a mere shade of their former, rooibos dipping glory. I did the whole Grumpy from Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein letter writing thing, but they don't give a fuck by all accounts, so I no longer buy their shit.


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