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I think that they will Emmenthally catch the guy.


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Did you ever use Ye Old Cider Bar in East street, Newton Abbot ? I've staggered out of there a few times.
That place is f'kin dangerous, my daughter used to work there so arranged to meet her one day. She got me started on teh lower ABV stuff before turning it up a couple of notches and bought a flagon to take home. We left to go shopping for food for her and her house matesd (I was cooking a curry), got home, cooked and ate the meal along with some more of the cider we'd taken home in said flagon, I was asleep on the sofa by 21:00, woke up in the morning after everyone had gone to work. Looked in the kitchen, it was like Hiroshima so I set to cleaning up, took me the best part of 2 hrs, left to return to London. Whilst on the train, I texted daughter to let her know I'd cleaned up my mess, she replied that it wasn't all of my mess and the kitchen was cleaner than when they moved in! F'kin fermented apple juice! I think it was SA I ended up on.
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