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Did you ever use Ye Old Cider Bar in East street, Newton Abbot ? I've staggered out of there a few times.
Funnily enough, whilst I know it very well by repute I've never been in there. Round Torbay way things are inexplicably insular..I've lived in Paignton and Torquay...never Brixham though. When in Paignton, one simply didn't countenance Torquay at all...load of smackhead inner city scum, high prices ( !?), crap bars. In fact, proper locals wouldn't cross the Torquay Road in the direction of the beach...there be grockles. Similarly when in Torquay, one just didn't go to be honest there was no rhyme or reason. Places like Newton and Totnes were largely off the map...crap bus service, taxis too expensive, no way to get home after a proper night on the piss...


It's pretty amazing what this guy can do with old movies. An elevated railway in Wuppertal in 1902 gets a full makeover.
My city in Slovakia is twinned with Wuppertal. No upside down railway though, just a shite tram system, the 'Pioneer' ( read Communist boy and girl scouts) narrow-guage railway..built by kids but the McCoy...recently vandalised by some twats and a long bucket conveyor belt, no longer functional but I can remember when it was still going, from the Magnesite mine to the processing plant. On that basis I don't think I'll be making a special visit to Germany to see another place which is 70% shitehole. ( Actually Kosice is very the centre.)
I think the correct answer as far as the DS goes is:

"Well, you're doing it because we bloody well had to, now get your belt buckles into that mud, you 'orrible little man!"
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