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Why would he willingly jack in a secure,well paid job ?
Sounds to me that he was on a final warning and jumped before he was pushed.
Naturally, he gains bonus points for such a wokeful justification for withdrawing his labour.
Maybe he has something else lined up.

Have I misunderstood what he said ?


There are a couple of points I received from the article and video.

Firstly this spitting of the dummy doesn't feel right, I think it's an excuse rather than a reason.
eg. Has he been warned off that he might not be working for them as much as he believes he should ?

Secondly his own words:

While I'm used to British English maybe I've got this wrong, but is specifying that it was because a white had said "nigger" the use of the word was wrong ?
The way I read it it implies that if a black had used the word it would have been ok, which in turn is a pretty racist point of view.
Would he have reacted the same way if an asian or coloured had said it ?

Happy to be corrected if I've misunderstood his use of the language.
They would have used "Nigga" which seems to make an awful lot of difference in their view.

Dr Death

War Hero
Looks like a couple of the cars I saw in Saudi a couple fo decades ago, normally driven by a 12 year old sitting on a couple of cushions with a back seat full of mum and sisters.
....and a goat in the front passenger seat
Obviously. What else would a young and righteous follower of Alan do while the wimmin are out shopping and you're sat in the car park with a non working radio?

Wank like a belt fed wombat?

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