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War Hero


War Hero
Same thread - I don't want points...



No, it's fake

Too good to be true..
I do love it when a reporter comes a cropper. This is one of my all time favourites because of the wailing and groaning at the end:
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Near the end she said "I can't breathe". BLM walt.

One of the amusing things about the clip is how long they stay on her whilst she is dying. You'd have thought the director would cut back to the studio as soon as she takes a header off the platform.

'Stop, stop...' she was imploring the cameraman. Good man though, he kept going - unlike the milksop who panned off Anthea Turner when her head caught fire.

I've got to about 0.19 and can tell it's bollocks.

Edit. I watched more of it and it's actually prety good.
Bangbus, not bollocks :)