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Mary Hinge

War Hero
being a socialist doesn't mean that you are mandated to be poor starving or selling matches outside the UJ club you know . Each to earn the full fruits of their labour ......
Michael Meacher criticised people who had second homes, while owning five; Harmon, Shirley Wiiliams, Abbott, Blair and Emily Thornberry (Lady Nugee) all advocated comprehensive education for the masses whilst choosing their own children to be educated in selective and private educaton schools...

"Labour is becoming the party ‘of vested interests and snooty metropolitans’, as the editor of the leftish New Statesman put it; a party dominated by the shrunken worldview of ‘Primrose Hill and Parliament Hill’, as one Labour MP saw it; a party led by a ‘narrow social group [of] Oxbridge graduates, in particular economics graduates, politics graduates, social scientists and lawyers’, to quote one Labour lord."

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Apart from the grinding accent of the woman narrating it, this is very informative.

My uncle worked in a rolling mill years ago.
When I was a kid he told me about a bloke he worked with who got a bit too close during a pass of the job he was working on. He reckons the rod passed straight through the bloke & it left a perfect hole right through his leg.
The red hot heat must’ve sealed it up as it went through.
Needless to say he didn’t get to keep his holy leg.
Better legs than the first lot for sure.
...and afterwards you can buy their used nether garments, wot wiv it bein da land of the raising cock sun.



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