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Published by: Timothy Towne, on FACEBOOK, 12 JULY 2020

Rest in Peace SGT Brydon. A prayer goes out today.


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"Today we said goodbye to Sgt Lisa Brydon who took her own life after struggling with PTSD and depression. Lisa served with a variety of units and completed tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Fusiliers were joined by representatives of The Yorkshire Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, Army Air Corps, The Rifles, and The Royal Navy, and Special Air Service".


"Due to Covid we had to stand outside the chapel and watch the service on a mobile phone. We heard how she had touched many during her time in the army and was highly respected by all who served with her.
I have attended far too many funerals of soldiers who have reached their emotional limits and found no other way but to take their own lives. I don't believe that we know the true figures when it comes to service suicides and I don't think the government are counting. It's a national disgrace!".


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There's a place near Sants station here with a sign above it in big letters saying 'Kids and Nits'...first time I saw it I thought, fuck, I would have imagined things like that had been eliminated by now...must be a big problem here but good to see they're dealing with it and have...what? maybe like AA or something. ...and then I realised that the Catalan for 'night' is 'nit'...some place for night classes......


I've seen some odd hair styles....the one at the bottom
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