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Because everyone needs a ska tune about Paddy Mayne.

Don't they??


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I heard about BBC Pidgin but thought it was bollocks but then saw this.
Some thing wrong with her arrse apparently...

What the absolute fucketty fucking fuck fuck is this load of old bollox.

Produced it appears by the same sperm gargling spunk trumpet cunts that have just fucked of the over 75's licence fee.
How on earth can they justify demanding money with menaces to support this bilge
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Inspiration! Not sure how Kensington & Chelsea Council will take to my smelting & casting in the flats' communal gardens but f*ck 'em as they have been trying to evict us for five years and will try to again once the veto is lifted. W@nkers.

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Saga? It's a fückìng Stagecoach bus you blind cűnt.
SAGA charter fückìng stagecoach buses you ignorant cűnt.

It won't be long before you'll know all about it.;)

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88mm Panzer shell any one ?


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