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A somewhat inappropriate name for the UK's last hangman's pub!
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Not True...
Albert resigned from the post of Chief Executioner.
The last hangmen in UK were Jock Stewart and Harry Allen who simultaneously carried out the executions of Gwynn Evans and Peter Allen for the murder of John Alan West.
Rusty Firmin on Bravo 2 Zero.
I get the impression he’s not the biggest fan of McNab.
He’s not a natural public speaker, but the gen is there.






No, and **** NO!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !...!
As a Buddhistic sort, I love most living things and believe, mostly correctly so far, that if you generate a feeling towards other living beings that you are not going to fuck with them, they won't fuck with you, in fact if you generate a feeling that you actually like them, they'll like you too. As the ex-owner of a psychopathic iguana I can only say that reptiles are in an entirely different category. Here's a photo I may have posted on here before of the scoundrel. Yes, I photoshopped the colours a bit, but the scowl is purely Greener's.

I win ! I win!

I win the what the fuck is going on here FFS prize for 2020

I hope to fuck you can get Covid twice , and that it kills me this time before I stumble over something like this again
( it was prefixed with "sweet meteor of death , please take me now! )


did it in Vegas 10 years ago , at the request of my SinL who was with us, only when we got to the top did she actually say she didn't like it , she suggested it FFS , anyway , it was ok , and we got down in time before the thunderstorm hit
She (SinL) reckons she's not afraid of heights , but is afraid of cranes
But seriously though, what if one has an uncontrollable urge for a shite? They are real things and happen usually unexpectedly, cf. Emperor Mong thread.


But really, when our rainbow coloured friends don a public transport uniform it can get truly scary. Years ago I was exiting Kilburn tube and an enormous lady from the general Carribean area was beating the living shite out of some scrawny male from the same neck of the woods by the way out. Made me wince, and think, well, she was the wrong one to cheat on...until I understood what she was bellowing and wearing. I will spare criticism for racism by not relating the actual words she used but the gist was...Where is your ticket, you worthless cur ? TfL, doncha just love em ?
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