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"HMS Severn enters Portsmouth this evening to an unwelcome “sail-past” from jet-skiers ignoring harbour regulations.

RN vessels have light weapons manned on entering/leaving harbour. Small craft behaving like this in a restricted channel risk being shot at".

No they don’t.
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I did my HGV in a Bedford RL.
I did my driver training in one of these ...

Commer 3 tonne.jpg

... never experienced any problems with the synchromesh gears ... it was all crash
It's what the RCT were good at :roll:
In my case I only once ever had to fill out the FMT3 .... A to D K L M and sketch ... I wonder is the form still in existence ?
Is he short of time?
He speaks so fast I can barely understand what the twats trying to say, that along with his Septic analogies, most of which I've never heard of so don't understand makes him an annoying ****.
Don't think I'll be watching any more of him.
Thank you, saves me having to watch it.
Three of the airframes I’ve flown are in the Museum of Army Aviation...
Every aircraft type I have flown in training (bar the Hawk) and indeed all FL types, are out of Service now.


Er, whooooosh, that went by me like the Red to explain, I really am not that bright :)
Those are the regiments in the Corps of Royal Marines. A group of men famed for wearing natty Little Black Dresses.

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