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I am following this on a daily basis ... Live Osprey nest cam - Loch Arkaig ... fish never carried as large as that but I read a post couple of weeks ago which said when the bird has caught its fish it rotates it as in your linky so it faces forwards so it becomes more streamlined in flight

Dr Death

War Hero
Sit back and enjoy (or not!):



I've just had a premonition of my local tomorrow night, oh the humanity...

More like the final scenes of Shaun of the Dead, if I know my Landanurs properly.
I might have had something to do with that... :)
@jrwlynch has been "fiddling" with our ships . . . again!! ;) .

First Phalanx CIWS mount installed on board HMS Prince of Wales.

"HMS Severn enters Portsmouth this evening to an unwelcome “sail-past” from jet-skiers ignoring harbour regulations.

RN vessels have light weapons manned on entering/leaving harbour. Small craft behaving like this in a restricted channel risk being shot at".


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