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I love these American Sovereign Citizens/first amendment auditors who 'know their rights' and intentionally bait the cops. This one was so brave, so strong, so fearless calling out the cops, until he got tased and all his baby came out :) Seriously crying like a big baby :) :)

Who posted the video?
Who posted the video?
Stockton Police Department post to Facebook it says in the first line before comments but it's obviously the waw waw babies own vid :) Am still laughing :)
Actually he put the whole thing up on you tube, obviously no shame :)
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Oooooohh. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh. That must smart a bit
SCAM masts on the back of Radio Relay wagons , could pump them up with air from the wagon but always used to have an operator, assisting, lift up one section, secure it with the clamps. Then again, much quicker.

One C.O.s inspection day , it was freezing , SCAM masts were lubricated with some sort of silicon.

Also the CO was always changing his mind, one time it was REME who said wheel nuts must be greased, day of the inspection word passed down the line that the CO wanted them oiled, So as quick as you could you wiped off the grease to make them look oiled.

Same this day. RSIT told us masts up.

So the operator in question tried to pump up his mast, silicon had frozen. What to do , I know I’ll boil up the kettle and pour the water on . Did so , pumped up one or two sections then the water froze.

The word comes down the line that the CO wants masts down?

Bugger, operator cannot unclamped the second section. So decides to use his weight. Climbs up to the first section , clamps his legs around it, yep it works but his balls are between sections and as he falls they get nipped between them.

CO and RSM run up to see what there is a high pitched scream coming from the inspection area to see the operator hanging from the mast upside down crying. With luck it was only the skin that was crushed.
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BTW Just seen on the internet that Chas Hilder the guy fishing on that lake who was killed is ex TAVR 36 Signal Regiment .RIP to him .