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Great to have sport back at last.
Tweet that to Jezza Corbyn and watch his pointy little head explode.
Bloody Hell! I must be turning into a right thicko! :eek: I saw Gun Brickies original post, didn't work it out and only cottoned on after seeing your post.
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Oooooohh. AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh. That must smart a bit

During an exercise in Germany we had a chap brought in who had jumped into a trench to take cover during an attack. Unfortunately it wasn't one we were supposed to use and he impaled his bollocks on a 6 foot metal post, the ones we were supposed to use to support barbed wire (with the 'v' towards the enemy)

anyway you could see how far through the dressing station he'd got as people came out of the tents walking from the knees down only. it looked like everyone had shit themselves*.

*I would expect that Cpl Wilson would have shit in someone elses trousers and/or had someone shit in his.
he was the sort of man who owned a glass coffee table
Is it their failed hand sanitizer that they've repackaged for loadsamoney like their other overpriced offerings?
The one they give away free to local hospitals and care homes? as for their other offerings I don't think £1.25 a can is particularly overpriced, but then again I have a paying job.

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